My mom is the greatest. She taught me how to draw my first ducks on a piece of white paper. She taught me how to tone colors and makes it bold. She taught me that “if they could do it, so do you”. She made me realize how beautiful art is. She made me see the world with a different vision. She made my neurons connected in a way that I’ve never imagined. And she never stop looking at the uncountable number of arts a human could come across. And one of the latest art she interested in is baking – one of Art of Cooking.

From baking a cake, to baking pudding or pie, she’s a masterchef. But, decorating it is a bit too complex. So she went to a class with my sister and learnt how to decorate cupcakes with fondant! That’s how I got myself involved. It look so interesting and amazing. Knowing how to make those lovely flowers, little teddy bears, smiley faces is such a good feeling. Now I know why fondant-decorated cakes or cupcakes are expensive. It requires your great passion, mixture of creativities and most importantly – a tablespoon of patience. These things are sometimes hard to deal with. Especially when it comes to small and tiny items you’d like to make. But at the end of day, right before you go to bed, you’ll be smiling because you’ve just made someone smiled.

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